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Subject: RE: FLASH: Flash 4 Content (Check)
From: Eric Smollin
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 21:55:55 +0100

Hey Dorp.

> I've now updated my page with more flash content, including some
>Flash 4 stuff. It's located at:
>but you can still get to it (with the intro) from:

>Comments welcome.

>I created a script to send the user to the new flash 4 page, if they have
>flash 4 installed, and to the old flash 3 version if they only have flash
>3, but I had a few problems with internet explorer, but I'm not sure if
>it's just my machine, so if someone could check that out for me, that
>would help a lot.

Your site looks good, but I must point out that parts of it look very
similar to David Gary's site http://home.mpinet.net/dgarystudios/.

Obviously DG did not invent the "chrome" look, but your are using the same
spheres (with the exact same gradiants) that he used. Your title bar looks
identical to the "Full Throttle" title bar, all the way down to the font.

Looks good, but IMO, it's not exactly an original idea.

My two cents.


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  RE: FLASH: Flash 4 Content (Check), Brian Medendorp

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