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Subject: Re: FLASH: Ideas for Location Kiosk?
From: John Dowdell
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 22:45:37 +0100

At 1:16 AM 6/29/99, halitoatspeakeasy [dot] org wrote:
>I'm not a strong programmer so I need help just figuring out how to
>approach something. I want to create a Flash location kiosk for a large
>theater. From a central location, you can type in your seat number, and
>then I want a line to draw from the kiosk to the seat (maybe some blinking
>arrow MC). I know I could hack away at this with a million telltargets and
>goto's, but I'm figuring there must be some way to use Actionscript. Any

If you're actually seeking to draw a line programmatically, then that feels
more like Shockwave than Flash to me... in Flash 4 we can position, rotate
and scale movie clips, but it would not be straightforward to appear to
change the content of a clip.

You might be visualizing moving a blinking arrow over a
programmatically-determined path, however... that could be set in Flash 4.

The next step would be to figure out where you want to go. This could be
done either algorithmically (calculate the number of seats in a row,
translate that into pixels) or be data-driven (massively store variables to
know which pixel locations to go to for a given seat). For some seating
arrangements this might be practical in Flash, but for larger rooms it
might be more practical to do in Shockwave... hard to tell from here.

Sorry, no firm answers from me, from what I know of the situation... hope
the above bounceoffs may be of use, though.


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