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Subject: FLASH: A frustrating problem
From: Karin Christensen
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 23:00:04 +0100

I wonder if one of you kind people could help. I posted yesterday
about the possibility of having too many MCs slowing things down and
stopping the background sound. I trimmed this thing down to the bare
bones and am still having problems. So I uploaded it and looked at it
with another computer and it worked perfectly. I have a pentium 200
with 32 megs of ram and plenty of space on my hard drive, win/95. I
looked at it with a friend's AMD300 (I think) computer with
everything else more or less the same and it was fast and smooth.

Could someone with a slow, old computer like mine look at it and see
if it runs smoothly before I go spend more money on another upgrade.
The main thing you will notice is the background sound will die out at
the end looping animation (with the lines and blue object) and things
will move slowly and jerkily.

This is on an edu server so hopefully the MIME police won't have a
problem. This is Flash 3.


ps I also have another question which you may notice on it. How come
if you set the movie to 100% size with the show all default, things
that are offstage show up? Is there a way to stop that from
Karin (frustrated in Murrieta, Ca)

and if you feel like it, my polished Flash project is up and running
on my client's site -- which will probably look a whole lot better on
someone else's computer. sigh...


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  Re: FLASH: A frustrating problem, P. Scot McIntosh

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