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Subject: RE: FLASH: Flash 4 timing loop: Problem Solved
From: Harrison, Len
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 00:25:03 +0100

Hi Nigel --

> > SO, now the question comes up: what is an action list? Is
> it the set of all
> > actions within a movie?
> No in this case it was refering to the group of actions you
> enclosed in
> the infinite loop 'while(true)'. It just means that the group
> of actions
> enclosed in this loop was executed more than 200000 times.

This isn't the case. The message re actions executing more than 200000 times
came up from the conditional test.
if <condition>
goto next frame
load move stuff
end if

next frame:
goto previous frame

I found that after interval was greater than ~7000, I'd fail for this
reason. Note that we've broken out of the code block when we go to next
frame and then enter it again.

Another thing I noticed was that my buttons weren't working while bouncing
between frames. So what I finally did was pad in about 10 frames with a goto
label: "code block" at the tenth. This ensured I was spending 90% of my time
outside the code and I can now go beyond 20 seconds, have buttons that work,
and all is well.

EXCEPT -- I'm still bothered by that 200,000 actions limit. From this
behavior it looks like the action list refers to all actions in the movie.
It certainly doesn't refer to iterations within a single code block. I
wonder if it could kick in under other circumstances such as a game which
was very processor intensive (multiple timing loops, some kind of
heuristics, other iterative evaluation processes). I'd still like it removed
regardless. If I want to write an infinite loop I should be able to. Heck,
half the programs I've written have been infinite loops with some hack to
escape them. Used to write dbase with Do While(.true.) wrapping the whole
thing. Exit button would set .true.=.false.

Another potential issue (dare I say bug?) seems to be in the comparison
operators. I'll have to go back and check this again, but it looks like the
construct ((a+b)<=c) is broken. You have to do d=a+b then (d<=c).

Anyone else seeing any of this?


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