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Subject: FLASH: swf file in different folder from html
From: Sienna
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 01:40:00 +0100

Can anyone help me with these 2 things? first, I decided to put all my
shockwave movies in one folder and the html in another. I only know how to
point the file if both the swf and html are in the same folder.

I set up my directory as follows:

all swf files are in a folder called G-Shockwave
all the html files are in various folders such as Z-Events

Unfortuatly, i'm having problems with the radio station making changes to
their events and links and totally trashing my site. Anything in a Z file
they can edit. Anything in our Goldlink files, HANDS OFF! It's the only
to allow them to do their updates but now I don't know how to tell the html
source where to find the movie. I tried the following but it's not working.

<param name="Movie" value="/G-shockwave/intro.swf">

The actual setup is this:

Main site folder: E:\Z108\WWW\G-Shockwave\intro.swf
The html file is: E:\Z108\WWW\Z-Events\events.htm

How do I change the embed code so it knows where to find it? Does anyone
have a problem having more than one admin on their site? This is about the
4th time I have to fix my client's site for them and the only way I can
solve this is to separate what they can edit and what they can't. When
they publish their changes, I have to go in and fix everything. Any
suggestions on how some of you work with more than one person on the same

As for the second thing, I'll have to make a new posting :) sorry.

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