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Subject: FLASH: News, Sports, Weather template using Flash
From: Sienna
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 01:44:32 +0100

Hi again!

I have a new contract that requires my shockwave site to pull real time
news, weather and sports data from another program. This has to be taken
from a database and put in a template where the contents will change
several times a day.

My job is to come up with a system that both our ppl and the news channel
can edit each day. They put the news content in and we have to keep adding
phases to the site.

I don't have flash 4 or generator but if you all recommend that's what I
have to learn, i'll get it since I dont have a choice. i'm hoping to be
able to use flash 3. I would really appreciate step by step tutorials
someplace on setting up templates to pull info out of a database.

Thanks in advance, Sienna

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