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Subject: Re: FLASH: Load Movie - Frame # or (N) (Thanks)
From: Chris
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 02:17:56 +0100

Thanks those who responded .... Thank you Colin (Moock) ... sorry for
spelling your name wrong.
Your reply saved me and made me look like some sort of multimedia flash html
wizard to my client. I tried to explain to him that I had help from an email
list, since I myself was perplexed ... but it glazed over him, he was just
over joyed that I was able to do what I wanted. He had dabbled in Flash but
he goes "Where can it do that in the pull down menu?" ... again I tried to
explain ... sorry, I have trouble accepting credit for others work ....

But Colin, you helped me two-fold ... I could never understand levels or tell
targets until that very simple straightforward answer .... "ding" a light
went off (or is it on?) ... Thanks.

> I've done this kind of thing before where I needed to return to a Flash
> movie at a particular page, and I did it with a loadMovie and a TellTarget
> to a specific frame, and it worked great for me. Since I was loading the
> movie from cache there was no need to worry about the particular frame
> being loaded or not.

And this helped put my mind at ease ... thanks Dave ... since this is what I
needed to do was to recall the movie but just go to a different frame. I hope
it works.


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