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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash 4 timing loop: Problem Solved
From: John Croteau
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 08:12:41 +0100

Hi Len an d Nigel,

> EXCEPT -- I'm still bothered by that 200,000 actions limit. From this
> behavior it looks like the action list refers to all actions in the movie.
> It certainly doesn't refer to iterations within a single code block.
I think it refers to code in a single code block (frame).
The 200,000 actions are counted in "Player Actions", which are the
format of actions stored in the .swf file and not the number of actions
that are seen in the authoring tool. An editor action is converted to
one or more (perhaps many) Player Actions. The Player Actions will be
documented in the Flash 4 open file format specification.

> I wonder if it could kick in under other circumstances such as a game which
> was very processor intensive (multiple timing loops, some kind of
> heuristics, other iterative evaluation processes). I'd still like it removed
> regardless.
There has been a lot of complaints about the fact that there is a limit
to actionss and that the number is so arbitrarily low.

> If I want to write an infinite loop I should be able to. Heck,
> half the programs I've written have been infinite loops with some hack to
> escape them. Used to write dbase with Do While(.true.) wrapping the whole
> thing. Exit button would set .true.=.false.
Obviously, infinite loops are not going to work in Flash 4.
MM has not given much of an explanation for the limit on actions, but I
think one of the concerns is that when Flash processes actions input
control is removed from the user. Thus, allowing infinite or extremely
long action lists would appear (or in fact be) to have locked up Flash
and/or the container (browser) it is in.

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  RE: FLASH: Flash 4 timing loop: Problem , Harrison, Len

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