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Subject: FLASH: Flash, CGI and e-commerce
From: G. Jefferson
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 12:08:29 +0100

Although I'm a total convert to Flash I have some reservations. I'm working
on an e-commerce site involving a large database of items for sale that can
be searched etc. The usual way of handling situations like this is to write
CGI scripts to generate HTML on the fly in response to user input, or to use
a program like Tango to do essentially the same thing. Obviously writing
several thousand pages of HTML, even in Dreamweaver, is not on.

I don't see how this approach could easily be used with Flash. I don't want
to use Generator because 1. It's something else to learn 2. I believe that
it doesn't run on Unix servers .

I hope I'm wrong here. Do any list readers have any experience with
e-commerce sites that incorporate Flash on a wide scale? Now that Flash 4
supports client input it's clearly going in the right direction, but is it
ready for prime time?


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