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Subject: FLASH: RE: Max swf files size
From: boB
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 14:27:45 +0100


Nigel wrote
> 'Is it safe ?' what exactly is the context you are refering to. Is it
> safe to use as a gui elemnet in a nuclear control programme ? No. Is it
> safe to use for building an e-commerce site ? Yes. But you could be
> refering to some other type of 'safe'.

Damn! I guess I'll just have to find some other way... for my nuclear
control program that is. ;)

Seriously though, I just ask because I went through a little fiasco with
D7 (I know its not flash, but hey you'll forgive me for being a bit edgy.)

As for the context of my flash, its just a simple site which just
happens to have lots of sound (5 min. worth and the client insist that
they stay high quality, thus my interest in F4 and mp3).

thanx for the info, I'm already checking flash 4.

boB :]

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  Re: FLASH: RE: Max swf files size, Nigel Randsley-Pena

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