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Subject: FLASH: My Thoughts....
From: Danny Price (USA)
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 15:40:06 +0100

I downloaded the Flash 4 User Guide yesterday and I am spending my off time
going through it and working all the examples....

DAMN! this is exciting........I've been using Frontpage since 97......I'm
been using Photoshop and Imagestyler to create custom graphics....But FLASH,
(I believe) has started something big.

What about web pages that play like that popular video game in the '80's
about a knight named Dirk I think, that was a cartoon
that had key places where you had to push a button to cause an action and
depending on which action you did, the story would change.

I can see the day when the full color video image of a CEO welcomes you to a
corporate web site and points to a menu and describes the area you can visit
(Bill Gates, Microsoft web page?)
Or, a business owner takes you through his web store personally/virtually.
"Click here and I'll show you our full line of widgets"

all without long waits for the images to load..........

Danny Price
DannyPatmeta4 [dot] com
depjlpatmindspring [dot] com

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