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Subject: Re:FLASH: Flash, CGI and e-commerce
From: John Jorsett
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 16:22:46 +0100

If you expect any sort of load on the site, I would not recommend using CGI
scripting, even if it were possible to author the site that way. Unix has to
fork off a separate process each time the script is invoked, and that takes
quite a toll in performance. I have no experience with Generator, so I can't
answer that aspect of your question. Ignoring Generator for a moment, for a
commerce site, I'd suggest going with either Cold Fusion or Active Server
Pages. For the latter, I think the best development environment today is a
package called Drumbeat 2000. Besides their 'regular' version, I believe they
have an ecommerce edition, but have no experience with it. ASP is generally
run with the Microsoft IIS server, but I have heard that there are 3rd party
add-ons that will support ASP on Unix machines. I don't know if Cold Fusion is
available on Unix or not.

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From: G. Jefferson <Garethatsmarta [dot] com>

> Although I'm a total convert to Flash I have some reservations. I'm working
> on an e-commerce site involving a large database of items for sale that can
> be searched etc. The usual way of handling situations like this is to write
> CGI scripts to generate HTML on the fly in response to user input, or to use
> a program like Tango to do essentially the same thing. Obviously writing
> several thousand pages of HTML, even in Dreamweaver, is not on.
> I don't see how this approach could easily be used with Flash. I don't want
> to use Generator because 1. It's something else to learn 2. I believe that
> it doesn't run on Unix servers .
> I hope I'm wrong here. Do any list readers have any experience with
> e-commerce sites that incorporate Flash on a wide scale? Now that Flash 4
> supports client input it's clearly going in the right direction, but is it
> ready for prime time?

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