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Subject: Re: FLASH: can FL4 play external sound files?
From: Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart Frog Media
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 16:55:43 +0100

At 06:14 PM 6/29/99 -0400, you wrote:
>is there a way to get flash to call on an
>external .swa or.mp3 file?
> FS command?
>any help would be greatly appreciated.
> miguel angel hurtado

Hi Miguel,

You can always put the sound in another HTML document and have Flash get
the URL into another frame (you might want to use a hidden frame for this).
See Colin's tutorial on opening a pop-up window.
http://www.moock.org/webdesign/flash/ for how to use the hidden frame
routine. Requires JavaScript. To turn off the sound, use Get URL to replace
the other frame with a blank document.

You could use that same technique for playing Beatnik files, too, and use
Flash to control Beatnik's playback using FS Command and Javascript, I
believe. Nigel has information on this at
http://members.tripod.com/NigelR/. Once you get through the detection pages
for Flash4 and Beatnik plug-ins, mouse over "ab Jove principium" and then
select "Beatnik."

Marc Hoffman

marcatdartfrogmedia [dot] com (mailto:marcatdartfrogmedia [dot] com)
Flash3 Portfolio: <http://www.dartfrogmedia.com/sampler>, featured
in Flash 3 Web Animation, by Ken Milburn.

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