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Subject: Re: FLASH: Preload Problem
From: Gregg Caines
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 03:23:53 +0100

You could generate a size report when publishing it, and see what the
bulkiest symbols are. If you know those, and you know where in your movie
they are first used, you can get a fairly precise idea of how many kilobytes
are loaded in each frame. For example, if the first bulky symbol is 20K and
your entire filesize is 100K, then after the first time the frame containing
that symbol shows up you know you have loaded *roughly* 20%. It's not
precise, but it's closer. The only problem is if you use all you bulky
symbols on the first frame.

Usually I like to put the bulky symbols right in the preloader. This
forces them to stream when you want them to, and it allows you to space them
out enough to use the method I explained earlier. You can turn the volume
on sounds down to nothing and turn the alpha on graphics/MCs so that none of
this is apparent to the user. Usually with the bulkiest things in the
preloader, the rest of your file should stream naturally, so you don't
really even need to see if the last frame is loaded.

In fact, if you use that method, you don't even need to bother checking if a
specific frame is loaded or not. That information isn't terribly helpful
anyway, for the level of precision you want.

Also, It's a lot better to let your file do *some* streaming, IMO, because
it allows the user to start viewing sooner. It's easy to do a "If Frame is
loaded (lastframe)" for your preloader, but that shovels the burden of that
shortcut onto the shoulders of the users.

Gregg Caines
n e o m e t r i x systems inc.
gcainesatneometrixsystems [dot] com

> I have a preloader and it displays the percent of the
> movie that is loaded.
> I use a if statement that looks like this
> If Frame Is Loaded (70)
> Set Variable: "percent" = "20%"
> End Frame Loaded
> If Frame Is Loaded (110)
> Set Variable: "percent" = "40%"
> End Frame Loaded
> If Frame Is Loaded (150)
> Set Variable: "percent" = "60%"
> End Frame Loaded
> If Frame Is Loaded (190)
> Set Variable: "percent" = "80%"
> End Frame Loaded
> If Frame Is Loaded (230)
> Set Variable: "percent" = "100%"
> Go to and Play (94)
> End Frame Loaded
> the problem is that it sometimes jumps from say 20 to
> 60. I know why it does this i think i just dont know
> how to fix it.
> The reason I beleive is that some frames dont have
> anything to load just a couple 'k' but on say frame 40
> there is a image that takes 40k so to have frame 40
> loaded will take alot longer than frame 20 which only
> tweens a few small graphics.
> Is there an easier way to figure out what percent of
> your movie is downloaded.

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