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Subject: Re: FLASH: [Newby] How? Auto-goto new web page at end of Flash animation....
From: mbain
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 08:25:56 +0100

you can just put the url in the "get url" action and use the dropdown under
window and choose "_self"

T omake the movie automatically do this, put the actuion on the last frame
of the movie - not on a button. (ie rightclick the last frame of the movie,
click properties and go to the actions tab etc etc)

ps. you might want to put a "stop" action in that last frame too.

Hope this helps

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Subject: Re: FLASH: [Newby] How? Auto-goto new web page at end of Flash

jbutler3atsan [dot] rr [dot] com wrote:

> I have created my first Flash animation to be used as a "Splash Page"
> for a site, but it needs to automatically go to a new "standard" HTML
> page (not another Flash page).

Try Get URL ("http://www.domain.com/nextPage.htm", window="_self")

Compose this statement with Expression and insert quotation marks by hand

avoid String Literals, some Browsers caused to crash]

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