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Subject: Re: FLASH: Remove white from imported graphics
From: James Poulakos
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 09:08:42 +0100

I'm interested in the answer to that, too, since the only way I've done this is to edit the graphic in Photoshop.

If that's good enough for you, try that: open it in Photoshop, use the Eyedropper to select a pixel of the color you want to delete.

Now that you've chosen the [un]lucky color, you can pull down the Select menu and choose Similar. All pixels of the same color will become selected, even if they are scattered in & among other colors. If you want to adjust the edges of the selection, you can choose, instead of Similar, the item on the same menu called Color Range. See the Photoshop help file for more info on how these tools work.

If you'd rather select just one contiguous area of pixels, use the Magic Wand instead of the Eyedropper. Click once, and the color you clicked is selected, as is any identical or nearly identical color that comes in contact with the pixel you clicked. See the Photoshop help file for more info on how this tool works.

If these don't solve your prob, then I assume I've either misunderstood your question, or that you wish to avoid editing the graphic for some reason. I would simply edit the graphic.

James Poulakos
digital cafe / uets / gsu
atlanta, ga 30303-3083
(404) 651 - 4540
etsjcpatlangate [dot] gsu [dot] edu

>>> Ball, Steven<Steven [dot] BallatBowne [dot] com> Tuesday, June 27, 2000 12:36:00 PM >>>

I'm trying to remove the white area from a graphic. I tried using the
erase faucet tool in flash, but it erases the whole graphic. Sitting
there and removing the white with a erase tool seems so tedious. Is
there an easier way?



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