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Subject: FLASH: Load Movie loading precendence
From: Neil Christensen
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 18:38:46 +0100

I am trying to figure out what the loading precedence is when using Load
Movie. Is there a queue i.e. main movie, load movie 1, 2, 3 ? I am
trying to preload a movie with 5 scenes and possibly 20 to 30 streamed
audio files. I want to preload one of the scenes and then buffer 60
frames each of 13 audio .swfs so that they play immediately upon
rollover and stream in as needed. I've been testing with 2 audio files
and I'm finding that the entire movie loads (94k) before the sounds and
then the sounds load entirely as well before exiting my preload loop. I
have an If Frame loaded for the scene I want to buffer and it is the
second scene after my Preload scene. I also have an If Frame loaded
inside the audio .swf's that set a flag in the Preload level when they
have loaded 60 frames and then trigger the loading of the next audio
.swf. When I test this with the Download Profiler the scene loads
properly (50k), but it appears that the profiler cannot track the
loading of external .swf's because they are loaded instantly. In theory,
I thought I would be able to selectively buffer scenes and external
movies for low end delivery. I know that loading external movies streams
them in, but I wanted to have a buffer so I can avoid nasty delays. I
hope this makes sense to someone.

Neil Christensen
Critical Mass

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