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Subject: Re: FLASH: PC and MAC file sizes
From: Michael Penney
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 22:42:32 +0100

And in fact it will change from Mac to Mac and/or PC to PC (unless the
systems have the same size drives) as well. There is a minimum size of a
block of data that can registered on a drive, and this size depends on the
size of the partitions on the disk, the formatting software, as well as the
operating system. In any case, as you pointed out, the 'file size' reported
by the OS reflects how many blocks of this minimum size a file takes, not
the actual number of bits of data in the file (though generally a close

> the first thing that comes to mind is that when using the get info (apple+i)
> function to get the file size. you are reading the files size as the space
> on disk not the actual byte size of the fla file.
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> Subject: FLASH: PC and MAC file sizes
> Hello all,
> Can anyone answer why the following occurs:
> We are working on a large website in a team on a combination of PC's and
> MAC's and we have noticed the following occurring with the file size of the
> FLA. The file is transferred from a MAC to the PC and registers in at 3.8
> meg, if the file is then opened on the PC and immediately saved with no
> changes the file size is 4.5 meg. What is going on here, surely the fla is
> the base code of flash files and as such there shouldn't be any difference
> between MAC and PC and what exactly is the PC adding?
> This isn't a problem as such, we are just intrigued to know what is
> happening,
> Gareth
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Michael Penney
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  RE: FLASH: PC and MAC file sizes, Tim Allan

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