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Subject: RE: FLASH: Re: What are the basic levels of FPS?
From: mbain
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 08:24:09 +0100

in fact a gerking is a small pickled cucumber that jerks...........hehehehe

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Subject: RE: FLASH: Re: What are the basic levels of FPS?

Yes, the frame rate is 30fps on TV (25fps in Europe and Australasia). This
is because anything less than about 24fps does not have the smoothness that
most of us would like in animation, and because image retention in homo
sapiens makes anything much above 24fps redundant. In theory, anyway. (Why
else are motion pictures generally shot at 24fps?) Up to that point,
increased frame rates are beneficial.

Helen, I'm surprised at you. I thought everyone knew what gerking is. It's
small pickled cucumber.


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Subject: Re: FLASH: Re: What are the basic levels of FPS?

In traditional animation done with film people use a rate of 12 fps (half
of the 24 fps rate you get with film) and with video they use a rate of
15 fps (half of the 30 fps rate you get with video) in order tu cut the
number of images they have to film. It is said that a 12 fps rate is the
minimal rate for the human eye, meaning that at 12 fps the eye will see a
uniform mouvement, if you go under 12 fps there will be a «gerking»
effect. Since 12 fps is the minimum rate you can use 15 fps for a good
result. Using more than 15 fps is unnecessary.



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