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Subject: RE: IE3.01 for mac = NO FLASH?
From: Brent Wood
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 17:30:35 GMT

>Hi, Brent!
>Sorry I can't answer your question, because I don't use Mac, but there
>are something wrong in your code anyway. You've used the same URL in the
>OBJECT's codebase and the EMBED's pluginspage. You may change your
>pluginspage value to:


Thanks for your response. But can you explain to me what the difference
is? Would this make the code so unusable that you wouldn't be able to see
it? I'm still not sure how to make the Flash work for IE 3 for macs.

When I view Internet sites with IE 3, (I have all the necessary Flash
plug-ins installed), I am able to view them just fine, but when I try to
view Flash files I have created and embedded into my own html, it's a
no-go, Houston. I can't see anything.

Do you know of any other sources I could try to solve this? Thanks again!

Brent Wood

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