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Subject: new features list for flash 3
From: Sean Cohen
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 20:34:06 GMT

Flash is divine, but it can be better still.

here are all of the suggestions thus far plus a few of my own.

1: mouseover animation and actions.

2: check marks beside the symbols and sounds in the library
window to know which ones are in use in the movie.

3: Transparency applications. ink/percentages like in director.

4:Cache problem fixed. (NS3.0, 4.0 and I.E. 4.0 will not cache files.)

5. Shortcuts to Modify-->Element and Modify-->Movie.
Modify Movie is CTRL+M on windows... Shortcuts on all menu items and
actions. Layer properties is one I would like to see.

6. Integration with AfterShock, which could be part of Flash 3.

7. A pixel by pixel movement with the arrow keys, independent of the
zoom level. (It would be great!!)

8. Better layer tools, like grouping, merging, copy, paste etc. in the
style of photoshop.

9.Better quality in exported animated GIFs. Finer export control. (like
in fireworks)

10. Better quality for TEXT, esp smaller text.

11. Perspective resizing.

12. Filters like in freehand and illustrator.

13. Better javascript/vbscript connectivity with browser

14. ability to change frame rates within movie.

15. external library file to be downloaded separately, cached, and then
used ALL over the place.

16. Either make the space off of the stage invisible (it will show up in
certain situations where the shockwave is not in proper proportion), or
make it more accessible in the editor.

17. optimization controls, already quite good, could give a preview of
the streaming at various baud rates. Tell us how fast it downloads on a
normal modem, etc.

18. realflash output/tweaking

19. one word: TRANSITIONS

20. ability to take form inputs in flash

21. ability to dynamicaly change elements eg text with scripting

22. less buggy tool (on a mac)

23. better / multiple forms of audio compression

24. an export function to create .swf like files for palm pilots

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