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Subject: Re: FORMS in flash?
From: Chad Richard
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 21:30:23 GMT

I want to be able to take input and use that data to build a URL. I would
also like to be able to take the input and use it as the text for an
element. I am in the process of launching / fine tuning an interactive
broadcast network and I am using flash for things like interactive real
time polls, as well as my primary visual tool. The network is in BETA
rightr now and available @ http://www.EMNetwork.com. We will be
broadcasting tonight from 8:00 pm (pst) until 1:00 am. I invite you all to
swing by and check it out and offer any suggestions / thoughts.


>At 4:36 PM 3/24/98, Chad Richard wrote:
>>Does anyone know if it is possible to have a form input in a flash movie?
>Flash doesn't have typing import, if that's what you seek. We can control
>things like which frame displays within the tool, but we can't type letters
>into the runtime version on the client like that.
>But what is it that you're trying to accomplish? What is the client
>demanding of you? There may be ways to achieve the goal today by using the
>browser's scripting together with Flash.
>(Even if the goal cannot be achieved today, it would be useful for folks
>here to know what types of things clients are wanting from designers that
>can't yet be done, thanks.)
>What is it that you'd like to accomplish...?

Chad Richard

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"Whoever controls the language, the images, controls the race."

Allen Ginsberg

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  Re: FORMS in flash?, John Dowdell

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