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Subject: Re: Illustrator to Flash Palette
From: Paul Hagwood
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 14:37:42 GMT

>Hi All,
>I'm sure I have missed it, but can someone tell me why and how to work
>around the problem of my color palettes going nuts when I import an
>Illustrator eps into Flash? The color remains in the "family" but is
>usually not even close.

I had the same problem and what I figured out is that the color palette
Flash uses is close to the web safe color palette. That particular
palette sucks, but if you use those colors then you should stay very
close to being on mark. I say very close because it still wasn't the

Let's add that to the list. Make Flash and Freehand more compatible and
give us the color palette so we can work in Freehand and then move the
graphics to Flash without a bunch of saving and reworking.

Paul Hagwood

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  Re: Illustrator to Flash Palette, paul

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