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Subject: wish rescinded
From: Colin Moock
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 14:38:01 GMT

I think I'd like to withdraw my cleaner Wait For Frame wishes in favour
of fully automated wait for frame.

In fully automated WFF, if the movie has a button or frame that with an
action sending it to an unloaded frame, then Flash itself automatically
waits until the appropriate frame is loaded.

I can't tell you how incredibly valuable this would be in larger
movies. On the Levi's site (www.levi.com/canada/) which is about 410K,
I probably spent about 3-4 days implementing various twisted WFF
routines throughout the scenes. These routines now partially tie my
hands in changing the movie.

In an automated implementation of WFF, you should be able to create a
special scene which is used as your loading animation. The special
scene always loads first, and is displayed any time the movie is
waiting for a portion to download before it continues. (For that
matter, you should be able to create multiple special scenes, and be
able to specify which one is displayed depending on the status of the

Think about it. In HTML, we don't have to put special commands in to
tell the browser not to try to display the content unless it is fully
loaded. Make the software do the work.

colin_moockaticeinc [dot] com
(this .sig lovingly handtyped...)

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