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Subject: Re: Illustrator to Flash Palette
From: Dorian Nisinson
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 14:44:00 GMT

It might be less expensive in the long run to use Freehand 8 to design
your vectors. You can define the websafe colors in the palette in
Freehand and keep those colors when you export to Flash .swf format from
Freehand. It's quite efficient and saves lots of time and drudgery.

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steven warren wrote:
> I've had the same problem recently. Unfortunately, Illustrator's color
> model is based on CMYK values rather than RGB, so getting the right color
> out of Illustrator into Flash is quite difficult.
> Here's my solution: I opened my Illustrator files in Photoshop first,
> letting Photoshop do the conversion between CMYK and RGB. Then I saved the
> file as a 32 bit pict.
> In Flash, I imported the Illustrator file with the vector graphics for my
> objects, then imported the Photoshop Pict for color matching. With the
> eyedropper tool, I was able to pick up the correct color from the Pict, then
> apply that color to vector objects with the paint bucket. A very tedious
> and time consuming affair... 10 hours later I was done.
> I hope that helps. If anyone has a better solution, PLEASE let us know!
> I even tried opening my Illustrator files in Freehand 8 to see if it did a
> better job. It did a slightly better job, but was still too off to please
> my designer. BTW, Freehand works in both the RGB and CMYK color spaces, but
> I like the way Flash imports my Illustrator documents with better
> understanding of its grouping and layers.
> I thought Freehand would have better animation capabilities, somewhat
> compatible with Flash, but was pretty disappointed after spending the money.
> I wish there was a trial copy online, so I could have known that before
> making a purchase decision.
> -evilsteven
> >Hi All,
> >
> >I'm sure I have missed it, but can someone tell me why and how to work
> >around the problem of my color palettes going nuts when I import an
> >Illustrator eps into Flash? The color remains in the "family" but is
> >usually not even close.
> >
> >I am doing a very large project right now and don't have the time to go
> >it and basically redo the illustration once I import them...
> >
> >Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
> >
> >+Matthew K. Walter
> > Walter Studios
> >

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  Re: Illustrator to Flash Palette, steven warren

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