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Subject: Re: Shockwave Licensing Petition - shockwave *is* free!
From: Dimmy
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 20:12:37 +0100

Hello all (esp.John D from MM),

I am a VB developer, and I am considering using Flash in perhaps the
splash page and even in the About page. Does that mean I have to pay
Macromedia, even tho' I bought a copy of Flash? If that is the case, please
let me know, then i would seriously reconsider my usage of Flash in my VB
programs.Please advise.

I am also curious to know; what if, let's say. I have made an animation
in Flash, and I would like to show it to a potential employer on his
computer. Problem is, he does not have Shockwave installed on his system
(and it would seem a terrible imposition to install something on his
system). Is there a way I can show him the work with a stand-alone viewer?
(Like in MS PowerPoint -- which allows its users to create an EXE which
could run on any PC regardless of whether they have Powerpoint installed on
their system or not). If there is such a viewer. Would we have to pay MM for
using it? If not, what other options can you recommend (considering that
installing the shockwave onto his system is out of the question.)

If anybody has any recommendations, please let me know! Thanks!


John D. wrote:
>Now, if you have a business client, and they want to use web browsers, and
>they don't want their employees on that scary internet, and they don't let
>people install their own software from CD, and so they want to put
>everything on their own server... well, then *that* is when they get
>charged for the engineering effort done here. (It really does help to pay
>the bills.)
>We also get licensing fees from those creating *applications* that use
>Flash or Director as component multimedia engines. Visual Basic and Delphi
>people and all are getting big on this, and we do charge them more for
>redistribution than we do web designers.

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