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Subject: FLASH: Audio cross-platform problem
From: halito
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 02:33:05 GMT

Hello all,

Here's the gig: we're authoring on Macs, importing .aiff files.
Occasionally when we export swfs from Flash, the sound has run fine on a
Mac but distorted terribly on PC. Our workaround has been to build our
movies on a Mac but export them from a PC. Today we did that, but to our
chagrin the sound ran great on a PC but distorted terribly on the Macs!

Since we kind've jerry-rigged the workaround in the first place, I wonder
if anyone has a grip on what might be causing the probs and what we can do
about it. Change how we import our sounds? Use different export settings?

Thanks appreciated,


Hal Medrano
Animation, Web Design, Streaming Media
Phone: 206-521-9722

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  Re: FLASH: Audio cross-platform problem, Marc Hoffman

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