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Subject: FLASH: tracing 3D shapes and recreating gradient fills
From: d.l.cheseldine
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 12:15:12 GMT

Could I check on my method for creating a spinning 3D letter "K" in Flash

I create a number of letter "K"s at various stages of rotation using
MacroModel and copy and paste them into Flash. For each, I select it,
choose Modify - Trace Bitmap and accept the defaults. I then use the ink
bottle tool to create the outline in black by clicking at various points
around the outside of the shape. I then click within the shape using the
paint bucket tool until the entire fill is white. So I have an outline.

I am not sure how to recreate the gradient effects within the outline.
There are several distinct areas of differing gradient effects within the
letter - how do I demarcate these, or should they already be there at this
stage? Could someone talk me through this stage?

Thanks in advance

dave Cheseldine

David Cheseldine | Email: d [dot] l [dot] cheseldineatbham [dot] ac [dot] uk
Multimedia Developer |
Dept of Rheumatology | Tel: +44-121-414-6787
University of Birmingham | FAX: +44-121-414-6794
Birmingham B15 2TT UK

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  RE: FLASH: tracing 3D shapes and recreat, Kevin Jackson

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