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Subject: Re: FLASH: Audio cross-platform problem and another thing
From: Chris
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 06:44:24 GMT

halitoatspeakeasy [dot] org wrote:

> Thanks Russell and Marc. We use SoundEdit16 (Mac) to normalize sound
> before we import it into Flash, and we always import at 44kHz, 16-bit and
> use Flash to compress. Interesting that compressing in Flash is Marc's
> suggestion but precompressing BEFORE Flash is Russell's. Opinions from any
> other Flashers?

I've tried both ways ... either way seems to be fine for us [authouring on
Macs / playing on PCs] Flash seems to do a good job of compression when
importing 16bit/44k ... but I have run into problems with sounds that are over
2MB in size, I get a "sound not loaded" error, then nothing works very well
... even with 120MB of RAM allocated. When I brought the file down below 2MB
it was just fine ... that's when I precompress. Anyone run into this "sound
not loaded" error before? I found it rather annoying. But I haven't run into
cross-platform problems.

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  FLASH: Audio cross-platform problem, halito
  Re: FLASH: Audio cross-platform problem, halito

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