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Subject: Re: FLASH: Full screen playback
From: David Gary
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 09:43:57 GMT

Chris wrote:

> Is it possible when running a 640x480 movie, at full screen [ie:800x600
> or larger] without changing the physical movie size, to have it so that
> when objects move off the stage they arent still visible. For instance:
> I develop a 640x480 movie (stage size), have objects animate and fly off
> stage (yet are still there, just off stage), then played within it's
> contained area of 640x480 looks fine, but once you click to show it full
> screen you see bits and pieces fly off to the side then pop out of
> sight, then other objects move in ... all these extras, I don't want to
> see at full screen (full screen looks nicer when presenting). Director
> plays it's projectors full screen, only showing whats on the stage ...
> is there a way to have Flash do the same?

Hiya Chris,

You might try one of these ideas.

1. Create a frame(border) around your movie on top layer that is larger than
2. Create you whole main movie as symbol itself and add a mask on top layer
above it.

I might be wrong but thats the only way to do what you want since full
screen plays off viewer's
particular resolution instead of % param.
I could be wrong. Is there a way to add % param to full screen? Anyone?


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  FLASH: Full screen playback, Chris

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