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Subject: Re: FLASH: To much choice is not enough
From: Chad Hofheins
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 20:33:15 GMT

Verdana is available for Mac. Great typeface for screen use, even if the
evil empire was involved.
Georgia is good for a serif screen face.

Just so credit is given where due-- Bill Gates did not design Verdana.
Matthew Carter (one of the last real type designers of our time and one of
the co-founders of Bitsream) designed the face, with contirbutions from Tom
Rickner of Monotype.


>I don't know if it's availible for mac, but Verdana is a font designed
>specifically for what you are doing (unfortunately designed by Gates'
>See if that does the trick!

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  Re: FLASH: To much choice is not enough, Alan Prather

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