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Subject: Re: FLASH: Full screen playback
From: K
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 05:12:41 +0100

What I've been doing is adding a layer on top of all the others which
contains a rectangular frame matching the background color of my movie.
As long as the frame is wide enough to cover the items when they are
offscreen, they should remain unseen and the frame itself should be


>Is it possible when running a 640x480 movie, at full screen [ie:800x600
>or larger] without changing the physical movie size, to have it so that
>when objects move off the stage they arent still visible. For instance:
>I develop a 640x480 movie (stage size), have objects animate and fly off
>stage (yet are still there, just off stage), then played within it's
>contained area of 640x480 looks fine, but once you click to show it full
>screen you see bits and pieces fly off to the side then pop out of
>sight, then other objects move in ... all these extras, I don't want to
>see at full screen (full screen looks nicer when presenting). Director
>plays it's projectors full screen, only showing whats on the stage ...
>is there a way to have Flash do the same?

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