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Subject: FLASH: crashing flash on mac
From: naoki mitsuse
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 12:09:23 +0100

Hi everyone, I've been having this problem with Flash 3 freezing my mac and wondered if anyone else has had this prob. and found a fix. my flash file is about 1.7mb, and using about 20 mc's that are all made from duplicating one original mc. The freeze occurs has always occured when I am making changes in the duplicate mc, (specifically changing tell target actions "target"). The really horrible thing about these freezes is it always "corrupts" the fla I am working on, so that when I restart, the file will not open and I get a dialogue box that says "seek failed on filename.fla" So, now I make many duplicate copies of the fla as I work, and progress is horribly slow. I am on a powercenter pro 210 ,198mb RAM (flash gets 40mb), OS 8.5 I have also tried running flash with a bare minimum of extensions but still got a crash. My last step has been to cut and paste into a brand new fla file, so Im hoping this will cure the freeze. Will post if it does, but if anyone should have any suggestions, I am all ears. Thanks a zillion, naoki ------------------------------------------------------------------------ To UNSUBSCRIBE send: unsubscribe flasher in the body of an email to list-manageratshocker [dot] com. Problems to: owneratshocker [dot] com N.B. Email address must be the same as the one you used to subscribe. For info on digest mode send: info flasher to list-manageratshocker [dot] com

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