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Subject: Re: FLASH: FLASH .wav files-not all equal?
From: Craig Ferrante
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 19:54:12 +0100

Hi Linque

Windows PCM format seems to work the best.The sound effects at my site www.meanrabbit.com are all
resampled in the pcm format and are ready to use in flash

Craig Ferrante


> linque wrote:
> I subscribed to a sound effects site, downloaded several .wav files and then proceeded attempt to
> load several into Flash. Some loaded, some did not..telling me the format was not recognized. On
> the site, i'm informed that the sound files include the following variants of .wav.. PCM, Microsoft
> ADPCM, ACM, and MPEG-3. Does anyone know (1) How to determine which format each file is and (2)
> whic format it is that "works" or imports and which does not??
> lin (linque)

please send correspondence to : infoatmeanrabbit [dot] com
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  FLASH: FLASH .wav files-not all equal?, linque

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