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Subject: Re: FLASH: Random Twinkling Stars
From: Wayne Townsend
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 22:23:59 +0100

No. That solution is too processor intensive if it is to be believeable.
Don't even think of creating individual stars as MCs. There's just too many
of them.

Instead, create a bg of random stars. Go wild. Above all, make 'em random.

Above it, create a level you call twinkler.

On this level, draw random, nicely dispersed lines (curved), (black), with
at least an 8 pt. thickness. Make the whole thing a symbol, and set it's
alpha level to about 50, and tween it (as an MC) to rotate.

Now, you'll get your star effect, and at a minimum processor overhead.

As with real stars, they'll dim because of the alpha level, and not
disaapear completely (ie. flash on and off).

You can see this in action on WSN's site.



Wayne Townsend
Princeton, TX.
waynetattopher [dot] net

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