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Subject: Re: FLASH: crashing flash on mac
From: unique
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 09:11:10 +0100

Erik [gearik] Mattheis wrote:

> Not sure if this has been mentioned in this thread, but you aren't supposed
> to have two versions of IE on the same machine ...

This is news to me! Who has said this? Microsoft? Apple? Macromedia?

> and Flash uses some of the same Microsoft OLE extensions as IE ...

'got 60 seconds to bang out brief info about how OLE extensions relate to
Flash crashing on a Mac? (Newbie question?)

> I used to constantly crash while editing target actions ... I ditched all
> versions except IE 4.5

How did you subsequently check your work in various versions of IE? Or didn't

> right after a clean install, and have not been
> experiencing this problem since, although I didn't use Flash much for the
> first month or so, after which I ditched the standard version of Flash and
> installed the version that comes with Generator. So it might have had
> something to do with that.

Well that would be STINKO, if a better Flash went to Generator purchasers but
weren't offered to the rest of us.

Is that what has happened?

Ken Sherwood

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