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Subject: FLASH: He walks, he moves, he's... sockman!
From: Helen Triolo
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 17:12:20 +0100

Well, it's amateurish, it's a little jerky, and yet I am falling-over
tickled that I have made a flash animation! It's a little front-end to
the flashlist archive at http://i-technica.com/flash/flashlist.html. If
you don't want to see the animation on subsequent visits (or even the
first!), you can click the Enough! button at bottom right. I haven't
tried the page on a Mac since I don't have one--would like to know if
anyone has problems with it, of course. And I have two questions now:

1) the bandwidth profiler shows a bar up to 6k in the first frame. Does
this mean that 6k has to stream before anything shows? (Hopefully it
doesn't mean that sockman's head will take off before his legs start
moving...) I've read what the manual has to say about the profiler but
still find it kind of baffling--any other resources that explain it a
little more on the web?

2) somehow a clicking sound has gotten itself stuck into the search loop
and the mouseover loops on the buttons. I didn't put a sound there, and
I don't see one there in the sound layer that I added (sounds intended
only on walking, drawer-opening and sock-flying). Any ideas about how I
can find that sound and get it out of those loops?

Thanks in advance,
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