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Subject: FLASH: ASP for Dummy
From: Cheryl Harder
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 22:35:27 +0100

I think I need a kick in the pants, again. I am really trying to get
started learning ASP and Flash and database. ASP looks pretty easy, coming
from a database background as I do, and having read a couple books on VB a
few years back. Flash and variables also are ok in my brain. So, I get
started. My "Hello, world" is successful...add variables in the ASP file
and send to Flash...ok, did that. Now, trying to send variable from Flash
to ASP, manipulate & send an answer back to Flash...stumped.

Flash frame action says:

Set Variable: "iMyInt" = 5
Load Variables ("testonly.asp?iMyInt=" &iMyInt, "")
(this is done with the load variables, into target (blank) and "don't send"
variables, so that I can try the way that you only send the ones you want,
via sending with the URL...and I've seen examples where this works....)

ASP page consists of:

Dim sMyString
Dim nMyTotal

iMyInt = CInt(iMyInt)
nMyTotal = (iMyInt -1)

Response.Write "nMyTotal=" &nMyTotal

But the Flash text-box variable named nMyTotal is showing -1
If I change asp file to iMyInt=5 then the Flash text-box shows the correct
answer 4 yet it seems that Flash is sending the iMyInt variable correctly,
as when I "test movie" (outside of the server) I get the output window

Error opening URL "C:\WEBSHARE\WWWROOT\testonly.asp?iMyInt=5"

Which LOOKS like it ought to be sending the variable correctly when I run it
under the server. (this is on Personal Web Server...)

Anybody want to push me in the right direction?

TIA from the dummy!

~~~~Cheri Harder~~~~~
charderatawsolution [dot] com
Advantage Web Solution

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