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Subject: Re: FLASH: ASP for Dummy
From: Helen Triolo
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 22:50:31 +0100

Cheryl Harder wrote:
> I think I need a kick in the pants, again. I am really trying to get
> started learning ASP and Flash and database. ASP looks pretty easy, coming
> from a database background as I do, and having read a couple books on VB a
> few years back. Flash and variables also are ok in my brain. So, I get
> started. My "Hello, world" is successful...add variables in the ASP file
> and send to Flash...ok, did that. Now, trying to send variable from Flash
> to ASP, manipulate & send an answer back to Flash...stumped.
> Flash frame action says:
> Set Variable: "iMyInt" = 5
> Load Variables ("testonly.asp?iMyInt=" &iMyInt, "")
> (this is done with the load variables, into target (blank) and "don't send"
> variables, so that I can try the way that you only send the ones you want,
> via sending with the URL...and I've seen examples where this works....)

Hi Cheri. When I have trouble passing variables, I usually replace the
LoadVariables temporarily with a GetURL("testonly.asp",window="_blank",
vars=POST) so that I can look at what the response.write puts out to the
browser and see what's being sent. Then I go back and stick in the
LoadVariables when I know the right thing is coming through. But I've
never tried it the way you're doing. Do you care if more variables get
passed? Unless I've missed some reason for sending only the exact ones,
it shouldn't really matter--you can just ignore the ones you don't care
about. You could try it that way--Load
Variables("testonly.asp",0)--once just to see if iMyInt does get sent
correctly anyway (though it looks OK with your test movie->output
window--I've never tried testing it that way either). No other ideas at
the moment. But you're no dummy--I'm sure you'll have it working within
the hour!

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  Re: FLASH: ASP for Dummy, Cheri Harder
  Re: FLASH: ASP for Dummy, Cheri Harder

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