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Subject: FLASH: re: Flash and Lingo, FF2K response, OT Fakemail
From: Gahlord Dewald
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 00:48:43 +0100


Why develop a new
language for Flash instead of using Lingo, and established and
language for the same type of use? Come on!

- --
Michael Dunn
The Merica Agency

Probably because it would make the plug-in/player that much bigger to handle
all the functionality.

FF2K response

I certainly thought parts were rough. However, coming in as an intermediate
user there was no session from which I did not walk away in some form
enlightened. This includes the ill-fated sound session. The people that were
there were generous and excited. Some of the presenters were great (Hillman,
Josh, the three artists/three visions, the final animation section), some
could have used some significant polishing (sound, the advanced
actionscripting). But overall, I found it worth my while (of course, I have
the equivalent of my registration in software to auction at EBay). I will
certainly attend next year. When is Europe? I'd love to expense that one.


Fakemail requires no true programming knowledge. Just an understanding that
email goes in to port 25 on a computer, a thorough knowledge of headers (so
you can spoof them all in the data part). It's a snap really. The first of
the many babysteps any hacker must take. Our Dowden spoofer, however, wasn't
clever enough to forward his mail about or better yet to crack up mm. Just a
Brit having a lark in the middle of the night.

Besides, improving porn animation is mostly a matter of cpu speed (to up the
frame rate) which is outside of MMs control. Maybe if they made the trace
bitmap feature better? Oh well. John, I didn't think that was you anyway and
I'm sure most other people on the list didn't think so either.

Well that's all for now...

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