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Subject: Re: FLASH: re: Flash and Lingo, FF2K response, OT Fakemail
From: Michael Dunn
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 01:41:35 +0100

I said:
> Why develop a new language for Flash instead of using Lingo, an established
and well-documented language for the same type of use? Come on!

Gahlord Dewald said:
> Probably because it would make the plug-in/player that much bigger to handle
> all the functionality.

And now I'm saying:
Maybe they don't have to support full functionality then (which may be counter
productive) but at least use the same syntax, etc. Like only supporting certain
commands, kinda how actionscripting in Flash 3 and 4 are different. One has
fewer commands, but they are the same language. The v3 plugin doesn't recognize
v4 content, but v4 plugin recognizes v3 content. Understand. Just a musing.


> I certainly thought parts were rough.
And that's to be expected on an maiden voyage.

> (of course, I have the equivalent of my registration in software to auction at
And I own neither so that was a HUGE!!! bonus. And the food wasn't bad either.
(But I missed my sprite) - and hey, I'd never ordered room service before,
either - company-funded trips are FUN!!! Can I expense my son's souvenirs?

>However, coming in as an intermediate user there was no session from which I
did not walk away in some form enlightened.
Yeah, I have to admit, there wasn't really anything that was a complete waste of
time - some sessions just took more time than was needed. (and the real
presentation was a bit dry - then again the IPOcracy thing was informative and a
freakin' hoot) Next year, no doubt it will be a much more organized and
clearly-focused event, geared toward (hopefully) newbies, intermediates and the
yugop/Branden Hall-level users. That'd be nice.

>When is Europe? I'd love to expense that one.
you and me both!


> Oh well. John, I didn't think that was you anyway and
> I'm sure most other people on the list didn't think so either.
No, but it was fun to imagine what might have driven him to that.

Michael Dunn
The Merica Agency

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