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Subject: FLASH: re: http://www.mirabilandia.it/nuovo/
From: Gahlord Dewald
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 03:36:31 +0100

Ok I have a couple criticisms for a very sharp looking web site.

Very beautiful. Very elegant. But it seems a little sad, introspective, and
melancholy for an amusement park.

2. The interface vs. screen real estate
This one is not so cut and dried for me. On the one hand you have a very
cute, interesting, and cool navigation system. On the other, 50 percent of
your pixels are given over to glorifying the interface. Maybe I shouldn't
have went to the Ed Tufte lecture at ATypI this fall, but I left a changed
man. And the changed man says: give me fun and excitement at your amusement
park web site. It should make me feel like I'm already there. It should be
an online amusement park. The interface at the amusement park (waiting in
lines) should be minimized.

On the other hand, you've done a gorgeous job with it, all those nice
curves, the tactile elements, the shading. It makes me want to lick it.
(maybe the simple spheres in the right aren't as good as the rest).

Beautiful! I want more more more interactivity. Less real estate devoted to
navigating and more to playing. Happier music.

Keep us up to date on it!


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