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Subject: Re: FLASH: re: http://www.mirabilandia.it/nuovo/
From: Eva Isabel/E Graphics
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 07:53:41 +0100


about the music..... is not that i can give my super expertise on the
subject....... but here i go. I liked your soundtrack A LOT, but sort of
reminded me of my ballet shoes. I got quite confused when i entered the
site and saw the cartoons of the bunny and the duck. That's the last thing
i would have expected to see!
On the other hand, i would really like to congratulate you for the
streaming! it loaded *inmediatly* on my old 28.8 testing modem! a
difficult task to accomplish....congrats on that one ! because some people
out there still assume everybody is at least on cable.... and perhaps they
are, but not here in Mexico :( boo for me.

So basically, i think your work is going to be perfect if you change the
soundtrack for something more cheerful and refreshing. But seems like today
wasn't my "music" day. I loved a personal resumé i saw earlier today, but
then, i didn't like the music either, even that i enjoy trance and ambient
music quite a lot :). And also i don't like anymore the music i picked
yesterday for one of my websites, even that yesterday i thought it was
almost *perfect*.... hope tomorrow my musical neurons (if any) are more

Great Streaming!


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