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Subject: Re: FLASH: ASP for Dummy
From: james
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 15:44:21 +0100

> You're right about all of the above. But CF tags
> look like HTML tags.
> ASP resides inside of <% ... %> markers and doesn't
> look like HTML.
Ummm, If I recall, Cold Fusion tags are <# ... #>, so
does that make it easier than <% ... %>

The tags don't make it easier, it's just the
difference in languages themselves. To each their
own, but if you are running on NT/IIS, ASP is
built-in, otherwise you have to *buy* cold fusion on
top of all that.

I'd rather use a system that's integrated with the OS,
not something that runs on top of it. ASP performance
is outstanding.

Again, to each their own. I didn't know VB or any
programming language when I started with ASP many
years ago (web years), and it was a snap.

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