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Subject: RE: FLASH: ASP for Dummy
From: Pradeep Nair
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 16:00:24 +0100

# I'd rather use a system that's integrated with the OS,
# not something that runs on top of it. ASP performance
# is outstanding.

Yeah, I guess to each their own - I'd rather use something that is
available across the board (like PHP3) - but I really couldn't care
less what I'm using, as long as it works. The syntax for all of these
are simple enough that I really can't say that there is a specific
preference that I have (although I'm most familiar with ASP). But
most people I know use whatever looks the most familiar to them. So
if they're used to C, they'll stick with PHP, if they're used to VB,
they'll stick to ASP, if they're used to Java or JavaScript, they
consider JSP, etc. There are so many technologies out there right now
(most of which are pretty applicable across the board) that it's
basically up to the developer. Well, provided the ISP or your server
software can handle the technology you've chosen, that is! :) In all
honesty, I find ASP or CF the easiest to teach/learn, but the others
aren't exactly super hard, either...it's more a matter of what
elements seem familiar to you.

But hey - this is just $0.02 CDN from a lurker, so you can ignore me
if ya want! :) :) :)

-Deep (just a guy)

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  Re: FLASH: ASP for Dummy, james

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