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Subject: Re: FLASH: Dilemma
From: richard proctor
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 16:31:15 +0100

on 1/4/00 2:03 pm, Brian at mattoneatbhip [dot] infi [dot] net wrote:

> I have a bit of a dilemma that I would like to get some advice about.


> What opinion does anyone have here?

I'm a freelance (print) designer in the UK (I'm lurking on this list
hoping to pic up some web tips)

I've been freelance for six or seven years and I've *never* had any
payment up front for any job i've done. In fact, I think that not getting
paid until the job is complete gives a sense of purpose.

Not that I'm saying that this is a particularly correct way for a client
to behave - in fact I have one client who i *still* do regular work for who
always has to be nagged and eventually cursed into paying up - but they
always do pay - thats no excuse for the client to behave like that - in
fact, it stinks.

It's tough if you're forced into freelancing - which it seems may have
happened to you - and this may have some impact on your relationships with
clients. I think it's important to stand your ground with clients and sell
your services for a professional fee - and of course you give back a
professional job.

I've also been in the client situation when i've had to tell people that
their work is not good enough - but I was able to say this at an early
enough stage so that little discomfort was felt on either side. This is down
to good client handling of freelance services - a situation that only
happens by chance in my experience - unless you are an 'approved contractor'
- then the ball game changes.

lastly - I once did a job several years ago, the job went fine, was
approved by the client and printed etc - then came the hassle over the
invoice - after it hadn't been paid for a couple of moths I started to ring
to inquire why - thos went on for a while and escalated into a 'difficult
conversation ' area. I then happened to speak to somebody in the firm who
was more sympathetic, he said that it was official policy in the firm not to
pay contractors who they thought were going to be one-off!

complete bastards - I would never work for them again - but I did get


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  FLASH: Dilemma, Brian

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