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Subject: FLASH: BP: OT Please - not frames!
From: Ben Park
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 17:42:06 +0100

Hi Everyone

I recently designed a web site, with no flash (although I'm thinking of
adding it in the future, as I love it - I use it on my site!)
The site I designed is not amazing or anything, but it had the kind of
cartoony feel, that he wanted.

Anyway, the client was happy and loved the site.
Since then, one person complained that it wasn't using frames, as they
prefered this (theres always one user that spoils it for everyone, isnt
there!?), so the client has started pestering me into changing the whole
site into frames.

I understand his arguments, but I don't think it is the way to go. For
starters I hate frames - they always look tacky....
Here's the URL of the site as I designed it - it's

His argument is to put the cylinders on the left in the left frame and
remove the diver from the top left corner. He also wishes to remove the
buttons across the top and move the title up.
Problem is, no matter how I explain it to him, I cannot seem to get through
to him, that when viewed in a resolution below the one he uses (1024x768)
people would have to scroll twice in the screen, and that would look

He is also pressuring me to put in an "enter" page. Now, I could agree, but
having a slow connection myself, I see no purpose for a page with only one
option on it. It just makes everything load slower and wastes everyones
time. Now, if it were to load another page in the background somehow, that
would be useful.
But it serves no purpose whatsoever.
He claims he likes a competitors site - http://www.clubscuba.com
but I think that is taking a step-back from what he already has.
On Clubscuba, I like the look of the enter page (although pointless), but I
think that the rest is so cheap-looking, I would feel ripped off if I had
got it for free....and he didn't.

What do you all think anyway?
Should I give in and re-draw the entire site using frames?

P.S. I'm not receiving any money from the design of this site. The "client"
is a member of my family.
P.P.S. Sorry for this off-topic
Ben Park
Owner/Designer/Creator of Siteria
Email: parkibaldatsiteria [dot] net
Website: http://www.siteria.net

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