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Subject: FLASH: Contract Dilemma
From: Gahlord Dewald
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 20:32:29 +0100

I don't work without a deposit. Period. My clients know this and respect it.
Some of them had a bit of a hard time with it at first. But they get over it
quickly when they see that things work. In fact, I usually go for half of an
estimate up front if they won't let me work by the hour. If I'm working by
the hour then my deposit tends to be a little bit less. But most people want
project estimates.

Fact is, there's a ton of work out there as anyone from FF2k can attest.
Though it might be scary, you're better off drumming up clients who can work
with you on terms that make you happy (which will make your work better btw)
than giving a short term loan to a company with the 3rd best service

On the other hand, rent might be due and it's scary. But I say stick to your
guns. Develop clients who can meet your requirements for a satisfactory
working relationship. In the thirty to sixty days it will take you to get
the check from your current prospect, you _will_ be able to find a client
who can satisfy your working requirements.


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  Re: FLASH: Contract Dilemma, King McCarthy

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