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Subject: Re: [flasher] Getting variables from a txt file
From: Designhulp
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 14:05:51 -0000


hello everyone, i'm new on the list and hope to help out or get helped out
if i have a prob.
For now, when you write the txt you can put as many vars in it as you like
Bij splitting the txt like this.
var1=I'm Dutch&var2=I'm man&var3= I'm new etc etc
Now you can either use textfields with variabelnames like in the textfield :
var1, var 2 var 3 etc, but you can also (of course) give some tekstfield the
variabel with it like mytekst= var1 .
In my opinion the best place to put the txt vars in is in your main stage,
so you can (when you use the right path) use them anywhere accross the
movie, or movies.
One Thing about calling the vars from your txt file. You sould make sure
that the txt is loaded before using it's valeus.

Good luck (don't hang me for my English, i'm dutch :) )


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