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Subject: [flasher] Timeline targeting of a loaded movie
From: Cheng, Kynan (London)
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 09:44:23 -0000

Hey everyone,

Okay I have a movie loaded into level 1 and another loaded in level 2.

The loaded movie in level 2 (say level2.swf) has a movie clip which is
supposed to make the level2.swf go backwards when called.

level2.swf works fine by itself
However, when loaded by level1.swf, the backwards motion button on
level2.swf affects the level1.swf timeline.

I've tried to target the right timeline with ../,/ (assuming that the movie
clip in level2.swf sees the level2's main timeline as the main timeline)
,_level2/,etc (assuming that i need to write out the whole target path) but
none seem to work?



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